Call 020 8901 4444 and one of our 24-hour operators will find you a Call a Cab in no time.

Going out is about having fun, and so you shouldn't have to worry about getting home at the end of the night.

Here’s why you should choose us to get you home:

We’re reliable

Call a Cab is a new fleet of black cabs from parent company, Computer Cab plc. We have been in the business for over 25 years, so you can always depend on us.

You’re safe
All Call a Cab drivers are licensed. They have
trained for at least two years to become registered London taxi drivers. And they have all been vetted for any form of criminal record.

What’s more, with Call a Cab you can request for our ‘Night Owl’ service. This means that your driver will not drive away until you’re safely through your front door.

We’re available
Combined, Call a Cab and Computer Cab plc has a fleet of over 3,500 vehicles. This means there will nearly always be a cab just around the corner.

We’re affordable
Call a Cab will give you piece of mind whilst staying within your budget. All you have to pay on top of your metered taxi fare is £2. Not much for a quality service and speedy getaway.