Call us on 0207 432 1600 and join the circuit for just £14.50 a week + get Zingo at no extra cost!.

Why not checkout some of the benefits of joining us below?

Our Mobistar system offers benefits such as:
Going Home – We’ll allocate jobs in the direction of your home when you’re finishing your shift.
Soon to Clear – We’ll allocate your next job, as you’re about to clear your current one.
Bid – Bid for unmet jobs in different locations.
Selection Criteria – You can set the criteria for the jobs you would like to receive.
Credit card facilities.
We also offer a solid and dependable GPS tracking system, which works 24/7.

Eye-catching logo
The new Call a Cab logo is bright, attention grabbing and unique. It’s certainly not one to be missed.

High profile marketing activity
We’re busy with a wide range of marketing activities, which include print advertising in popular magazines, card drops in major London train stations, and a dedicated PR campaign.

Call a Cab has work for you. Call today to make sure you don’t miss out, or simply apply online.